About Us

Although the Tsertseil family has been servicing the glass industry for over a decade as freelancers, Knock On Glass did not become official until September of 2012. It was founded by the eldest son Vitaliy who grew up fascinated with the limitless possibilities of glass and mirror applications. The Tsertseil’s immigrated to United States in 1995 from Moldova, a small country in Eastern Europe. Moving to a new country was a tough decision which took its toll on Vitaliy’s family as they faced new challenges and language barriers. Nevertheless, all hardships paid off as the family made a name for themselves in the glass industry. Vitaliy and his close family installed shower doors and storefronts during the day, while at night he studied business management at Baruch College in Manhattan. In fact, his backpack always had a change of clothes before entering the class room. Vitaliy’s extensive knowledge of the glass industry and his managerial education finally pushed him to legalize their business entity. Vitaliy, now nearly 30 years old, realized that his business can do much more and targeted wider audiences rather than keeping it local. His interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking and reasoning quickly gained him a nickname “the glass dude.” The glass dude combined his expertise in the glass industry with customer satisfaction techniques to expand the family business and gain outmost respect with his peers and clientele. Professionalism was key to Vitaliy’s success as he sought new opportunities. Knock On Glass is now a nationwide reseller of glass & mirror hardware by companies such as C.R. Laurence and Portals to name a few. Internet made possible shipping products to any state and accommodate a larger market while still being able to function on a local level by servicing New York City and the vicinity, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.
The name “Knock On Glass” is a parody on “Knock On Wood,” an ages-old superstition that originated in Europe. This phrase is often used to express that something will or will not happen or hope that a good thing will continue to occur; in fact it was believed that knocking on wood literally drives away evil spirits. Since the Tsertseil family was involved in the glass industry, Vitaliy and his younger brother Vlad often joked that knocking on glass was their way of expressing luck. Moreover, the name stuck and became the family motto hence “Knock On Glass”. The term became personal to the Tsertseil’s as they continued on their lucky journey to becoming a prominent name in the glass and mirror industry.
Since Knock On Glass’ official debut in 2012, the company performed glass & mirror installations for famous retailers and organizations such as CUNY Brooklyn College, Toys “R” Us, iHOP and Babies “R” Us. The countless residential projects also include prominent celebrities such as Matt Damon and Ben Stiller with penthouse apartments in New York City. Knock On Glass is currently involved in various commercial (FAO Schwarz & Orogold Cosmetics) and residential projects ranging from shower doors and vanity mirrors to glass conference rooms and full glass frameless  entrances. Some of their current bids include Victoria’s Secret in Poughkeepsie, NY and Dunkin Donuts in Brooklyn, NY. Knock On Glass’ highly trained personnel has the ability of implementing any of your glass & mirror fantasies into reality. The company’s history of satisfied customers can only mean one thing – “We’re your number one source for quality products and services. Knock On Glass, you won’t be disappointed.” - Vitaliy Tsertseil

Vitaliy Tsertseil
Founder & CEO