18" Tubular Spiral Tilt Window Balance - Blue Bushing


Minimum Order

1 Package

Tube Diameter

9/16″ (14 mm)

Bushing Color


Tube Length

18″ (457 mm)

Blue Bushing Indicates Sash Load Weights of Up to 21 Pounds (9.5 Kg)

Tilt Window Type With Industry Standard 9/16″ (14 mm) Tube Diameter

Will Replace Either Metal or Plastic Tube Balances


CRL Tubular Spiral Window Balance

for tilt type windows will replace a 9/16″ (14 mm) metal or plastic tube balance with a sash load capacity of up to 21 pounds (9.5 kg). While this balance is packaged and sold individually, it is our recommendation that both balances in the window be replaced at the same time.

How to Order Tubular Spiral Window Balances:

1. Check the tube diameter of the metal or plastic tube on the old balance.

2. Measure the tube length from the end of the balance to the bottom of the colored nylon bushing only. Do not include the rod extension.

3. Check the color of the nylon bushing.

4. Verify that the rod extension protruding from the nylon bushing matches.

5. Match tube diameter, tube length, nylon bushing color against the information shown next to the catalog number. If all agree, and the rod extension matches the one in the photo, then this is the correct balance.

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