27-1/4" Overhead Channel Balance # 183


Minimum Order

1 Each

Stamped Number


Channel Length

27-1/4″ (692 mm)

Vent Weight

17 to 22 lb (7.7 to 10.0 kg)

Available in Several Pound Vent Weights

Industry Standard 9/16″ (14 mm) Size for Aluminum Windows

Nylon Guides Not Required


CRL Overhead Channel Balance

will replace a 9/16″ (14 mm) balance used in aluminum windows made by Premiere, International, A1 Aluminum, Marshall, Guaranteed Products and others most commonly found on the west coast. It is easy-to-install and nylon guides are not required. If the window uses a lift hook, use our Cat. No. H3904.

How to Order Overhead Channel Balances:

1. Measure the metal channel length only.

2. Check the stamped number on the metal channel being replaced.

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