30" Diameter Circular Heavy-Duty Clear Plexiglas Convex Mirror



30″ (762 mm)

Minimum Order

1 Each

Actual Diameter Including Frame

29-3/4 in (755.7 mm)

160 Degree Wide Angle Viewing

Discourages Shoplifting

Durable and Sealed for Weatherproofing

Edge Trim Protects Mirror

For Indoor or Outdoor Use

Improves Safety and Reduces Accidents


CRL Circular Heavy-Duty Plexiglas Mirror

come with a 160 degree wide angle plexiglas mirror that is extremely durable and sealed for weatherproofing. It can be mounted strategically for both safety and surveillance. CRL convex mirrors have many uses in commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Use


Plastic Polish to clean and protect your plexiglas mirror.

Each mirror is individually packed, and has a rubber frame. Ships with all mounting hardware, warning decals and installation instructions.

Installation hardware includes one adjustable mounting arm and bracket which is fully adjustable to the desired angle and length. Mounting screws are not included.


Heavy-duty mounting hardware for mirrors 26″ (660 mm) and larger is supplied. Important Notes: Not recommended for use in areas affected by extremely high winds. The general rule for determining sight distances for Convex Mirrors is for every inch of mirror, one foot of sight distance is achieved. Therefore, for an 18″ mirror (CVM8018 and PLXR18) one would be afforded 18′ of sight distance.

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