36" Super Clear Vinyl .012" Film


Shipping Weight

17 lb (7.71kg)


.012″ (.305 mm)

Roll Length

50′ (15 m)

Roll Width

36″ (914 mm)

Available in Two Thicknesses

Convenient 50′ (15 m) Rolls

Indoor Window Insulator Film

Many homeowners who have insect screen panels made for their porch also have a matching set of clear vinyl film panels which they can change out from season to season.

CRL Super Clear Vinyl Film

rolls into screen frame just like insect screen. The solid clear vinyl prevents wind, moisture, and dust from entering, while still offering a clear view outside. Made from double polished clear vinyl, this film will last for years. Super Clear Vinyl Film can be used in conjunction with our Cat. No. WSF17W Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame, which comes in several colors to choose from. Important Notes: When the film is rolled off the spool, slight creases or bubbles may be present. These are unavoidable in the manufacturing process and are not defects. If this occurs, place frame in an area with direct sun, or warm the film with a blow dryer to allow the film to flatten.

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