455 Surface Overhead Door Holder



Satin Stainless Steel


Friction Holder/Stop

Finish Description

Satin Stainless Steel


Surface Mount

Medium Duty Overhead Door Holder and Stop Provide Reliability and Versatility for all Light to Medium Duty Applications

Improved Compatibility with Door Closers for Better Door Control and Less Wear and Tear

Improved Corrosion Resistance

Non Handed Design for Simple Installation and Stocking

Compatible with Single Acting Doors

455F – Medium Duty-Friction Hold Open. Size 5 for door opening using butts or offset pivots – Opening size 39-1/16″ – 45″. Satin Stainless Steel

450 Series Medium-Duty Surface Mounted Overhead Door Holders/Stops

Glynn-Johnson 450 Series holders and stops provide reliable and versatile surface-mounted overhead door control for all medium to light-duty applications. The visible components are available in a wide variety of architectural finishes to complement any design.

The 450 Series holders and stops are designed for installation in virtually all types of doors and frames including doors with conventional butt hinges, offset pivots, continuous hinges, swing clear hinges and many other specialty hinges. The templates provided allow for variable mounting positions, ranging from 85° – 110° of opening.

450F friction hold-open model

(Suffix F) Friction hold-open models provide an alternative holding method ideal for patient room doors, wardrobe or closet doors, or similar applications where multiple holdopen positions are desired. The friction tension can be adjusted using an allen wrench on the slider located in the channel at the top of the door.

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