704H Surface Overhead Door Holder



Aluminum Painted




Aluminum Painted

Color Code


Hold Open


Door Size

33-1/16 In. – 39 In. (Hinges/Offset Pivots), 39-1/16 In. – 45 In. (Center Hung Pivots)

Package Qty


Finish Description

Aluminum Painted


Surface Mount

Heavy Duty Surface Mounted Holder and Stop


Single-acting doors

Reliable Door Control

Interior/exterior applications


Non Handed Design for Simple Installation and Stocking

Easy to Install

Improved Compatibility with Door Closers for Better Door Control and Less Wear and Tear

Improved corrosion resistance

Function conversion kits available

704H – Heavy Duty-Hold Open & Stop. Size 4 for door opening using butts or offset pivots – Opening size 33-1/16″ – 39″. Powder Coat Aluminum

70 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Overhead Door Holders/Stops

Glynn-Johnson 70 Series holders and stops offer rugged durability and ease of installation. The surface applied door and jamb brackets provide reliable door control, yet require minimal door and frame preparation.

Compatible with a variety of door closers, these models come with templates to allow for variable mounting positions, ranging from 85° to 110° hold-open/stop angle. These templates are designed for installation in almost all types of doors, including doors with conventional butttype hinges or specialty hinges.

70H Series hold-open model

(Suffix H) Hold-open models in both series provide a selective hold-open function with easy-to-adjust tension. A simple 90° rotation of the roller mechanism disables the hold-open function, allowing the unit to serve as a shock-absorbing stop. The hold-open function provides a convenient method of holding the door open at a predetermined position for short or long periods of time, permitting an unobstructed traffic flow through the opening.

The 70 Series provides a durable hold-open mechanism that can be turned off, allowing the unit to function as a shock-absorbing stop. The hold-open tension is simply adjusted incrementally for increased or decreased holding power by turning the nut at the end of the bar. While both series are designed for demanding applications, the 79 Series is recommended for extremely heavy or wide doors subject to violent or abusive conditions.

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