Acoustical 28 oz. White Interior Sound Reducing Sealant



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Liquid Nails Acoustical Sound Sealant, AS-825, is an elastic, durable latex interior sealant designed to reduce sound transmission in all types of wall systems. Liquid Nails Acoustical Sound Sealant has been tested per ASTM E 90 for acoustical properties. This product has also been tested per ASTM E 84 for flame spread and smoke generation. Acoustical Sound Sealant is non-flammable and adheres well to most construction surfaces. Maintains the specific Sound Transmission Class (STC) value of wall systems.

Interior sealant reduces sound transmission

Permanently flexible after curing

Cleans up with water

Nonflammable interior sealant

Low odor formula

Sealant won’t bleed or stain

Bonds all common materials including: Wood, Oriented strand board, Steel studs, Brick, Foamboard, Gypsum board, Particleboard, Concrete, Plywood, Insulation board, Cementboard, Drywall, Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs), Greenboard

Not recommended for: Water immersion conditions, Sealing around PVC piping, Use between non-porous surfaces, Plastics

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