Adjustable Spring Power 105 Hold Open Overhead Concealed Closer with "GE" Hardware Package


Closer Body Length

11-5/8 in (295 mm)

Closer Body Width

3-11/16 in (94 mm)

Minimum Order

1 Each

Spring Size



105º Hold Open



Suitable for Doors from 30″ to 48″ (762 mm to 1.22 m) Wide to Meet A.D.A. Opening Force Requirements

Threshold Mounted Pivot for 1-1/2″ (38 mm) Deep Bottom Rail

3/16″ (5 mm) Height Adjustment

UL Listed

5 Year Limited Warranty


CRL Jackson® Adjustable Spring Power Overhead Concealed Door Closer

is available for A.D.A Barrier-Free applications. The Door Closer is adjustable in a range of Sizes from 1 (Barrier-Free) through 4 (Regular), allowing the spring power to be set for A.D.A. handicap barrier-free opening force requirements, as well as provide door control for a wide range of door types and sizes. This should make it your #1 choice for versatility and adaptability in a range of conditions.


Although the Adjustable Spring Power Door Closer can be adjusted to compensate for site conditions, adequate closing force might not be obtained while complying with A.D.A. opening force requirements.


An auxiliary floor or overhead door stop is recommended to prevent possible damage to both the door closer and entry way due to over-extension of maximum allowable door swing.


“GE” Package

, consisting of:


Standard Mounting Clips,


Side Load Arm Assembly and


Bottom Pivot, is intended for new door installations with 1/2″ (12.7 mm) deep top rail and side-load applications. This closer will also retrofit existing Jackson® and similar style fixed-size closer installations. Important Notes: Closers set to comply with A.D.A. specified opening forces might not provide adequate spring power to control and close the door due to varying site conditions and door size.

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