Aluminum Silicone Sealant 3 Fluid Ounce Squeeze Tube


Case Qty


Contents of Tube

3 Fl. Oz. (90 ml)

Minimum Order

1 Each

Contents of Cartridge

3 Fl. Oz. (90 ml)



Great for Small Jobs or Over-the-Counter Sales

Retail Display Also Available

Same Professional Formula as Our 33S Silicone

CRL professional quality

Silicone Sealant

is available for small jobs or over-the-counter retail sales. It has the same professional acetic cure formula as our 33S Silicone, and it meets the same exacting standards and specifications, so it is a proven product you can use or sell with complete confidence. The tubes are blister carded in an attractive retail package that includes a screw-on tapered nozzle.

Basic Uses


22C Clear

: Use as either an adhesive or sealant. High tensile strength withstands the effects of even the harshest weather. Repairs household items.

22AL Aluminum

: Use this to repair rain gutters, storm windows, patio doors, and metal awnings. It is an excellent seam sealer for aluminum window joints and mobile home panels.

22BL Black

: Seals and repairs many rubber items in autos. Stops leaks in doors and windows, or trunk lid gaskets.

22W White

: Our mildew-resistant formula caulks bathtubs, sinks, tile, and shower stalls.


: High-Temp up to 600°F (315°C) Silicone Gasket sealant for resisting high temperature applications and makes in-place seals for so many automotive uses. Resists the effects of heat, regular and synthetic oils, grease, antifreeze, and transmission fluid. Important Notes: Not recommended for structural silicone or insulating glass glazing, concrete and stone expansion joints, horizontal decks, patios, driveway or terrace joints where abrasion is possible. Not recommended for surfaces with special protective or cosmetic coatings such as mirrors, reflective glass, polyethylene or polypropylene surfaces. Not recommended for use on concrete, marble, limestone, lead coated surfaces, below water (swimming pools), plazas, decks, pavements, etc. Remove all old sealant before applying new. Not suitable for painting. Check squeeze tube label and technical data sheet for additional limitations.

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