Australian Use Double Tube UV Curing Lamp 230 Volts AC 50Hz


Shipping Weight

14 lb (6.35kg)

48″ (1219 mm) Tubes for Long Seam UV Bonding

Most Powerful Lamp of It’s Type

Mountable Fixture Housing


CRL Long Double Tube UV Curing Lamp

is perfect for use where high-intensity, wide-area UV coverage is needed. Specially filtered 40 watt bulbs make it the most powerful lamp of it’s type available. Suited to cure all CRL UV Bonding Adhesives, it features an enameled sheet metal housing that can be side mounted, hung overhead, or used as a portable lamp to accommodate many different requirements.

A corrosion-resistant, aluminum reflector ensures maximum UV irradiance. On/off switch is conveniently located on the lamp’s housing. Lamps are U.L. listed.

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