Black 7/8" Open Cell Backer Rod - 900 Foot Roll




Diameter of Rod

7/8 in (22.2 mm)

Feet per Bag

900 ft (274 m)

Minimum Order

1 Case

Feet per Case

900 ft (274 m)

Rod Diameter

7/8″ (22 mm)

Case Length

900′ (274 m)

Roll Length

900′ (274 m)

Controls Depth of Sealant and Acts as a Bond Breaker

Open Cell, No Skin, Non-Gassing Rod is Compatible With All Cold-Applied Sealants

Soft, Compresses Easily

CRL Open Cell Backer Rod

is a soft, round, and easily compressible open cell polyurethane foam. Open Cell Backer Rod is not adversely affected by dynamic joint movement, and its inherent flexibility applies itself to joint variations very easily. It is ideal for use in situations where joint damage has occurred. It eliminates potential sealant failures due to out gassing that occurs when the “skin” of closed cell backer rod is punctured. The black color helps to disguise the backer rod in certain joint applications.

CRL Open Cell Backer Rod

can be used in temperatures from -65° to 400°F(-54° to 204°C). It is highly recommended for use with high performance sealants such as silicones and urethanes.

CRL Open Cell Backer Rod

should be used only in vertical and horizontal wall joints. It is not suitable for horizontal traffic joint surfaces like pavement joints.

Proper size selection of

CRL Open Cell Backer Rod

is important as it controls the depth of the sealant bead. It must be oversized (50%) to fit tightly into the joint, and function as a bond breaker to prevent bottom-side adhesion of the sealant.

New joints must be cleaned thoroughly, removing any concrete form-release agents, curing compound residue, or any other foreign materials. To ensure a good sealant bond, joints must be clean and dry when the sealant is installed. If old joints are being repaired, all old sealant or filler must be removed. Wire brushing and air blasting are very effective in removing old caulk residues. If an air compressor is used, it must be equipped with traps for the removal of oil and moisture.

After measuring the joint size and choosing the applicable backer rod, install the backer rod at the depth recommended by the sealant manufacturer. The depth that the rod is inserted into the joint should allow the sealant to form a “hourglass” shape. This is the optimum shape factor for prolonging the service life of the sealant. The backer rod must be installed with a blunt tool or roller. The

T607CU605 CRL Backer Rod Insert Tool Set

, is designed specifically for the smooth installation of backer rod. Packaged on easy to unroll spools and shipped in boxes not bags. Important Notes: Not suitable for horizontal traffic joints. Use only in vertical wall joints. Do not use with hot applied sealants. Any questions regarding sealant compatibility should be confirmed with the sealant manufacturer.

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