Black Color Pak System


Case Qty


Minimum Order

1 Each

Shipping Weight

1.5 lb (680g)





For Use with Dymeric® 240FC and THC-900

One Easy to Open Color Pak Mixes with One 1-1/2 Gallon (5.7 l) Base

CRL Tremco® Color Pak

additives for Tremco® multi-component polyurethanes provide excellent uniformity and a visual index of proper mixing. Required for use with Dymeric® 240FC and THC-900. One pouch mixes with a 1-1/2 gallon (5.7 l) tint base unit. Available in six standard colors, custom color matching is also available on a special order basis. Packed six pouches per case. Important Notes: Use Tremco® Color Paks only with Tremco® multi-component sealants.

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