Black TAPER-LOC X1 Taper Sets for 9/16" and 11/16" Laminated Tempered Glass




Minimum Order

10 Each

Two-Piece Taper Design Allows for Easy Installation

Great for Stadiums, Condos, or Areas Trying to Avoid the Hazard of Broken Glass Falling to Lower Levels

Designed to Fit CRL’s 9BL56, L56S, 9BL68, and L68S Laminated Glass Base Shoe Only

Use with 9/16″ (13.52 mm) and 11/16″ (17.52 mm) Laminated Tempered Glass (6 x 1.52 x 6 mm and 8 x 1.52 x 8 mm)

Reinforced Polymer Suitable for Interior and Exterior Use

U.S. Patents 8,122,654 and 8,201,366. Commonwealth of Australia Patents 2008207524 and 2012202256

CRL’s TAPER-LOC® X1 Laminated Glass Taper Set

is great for balustrades in stadiums, malls, condos, or any areas trying to avoid the hazard of broken glass falling to lower levels. The set is composed of two Tapers and one L-Setting Block, all made of a high strength reinforced polycarbonate. They expand in thickness when compressed together with the Cat. No. TLK12 Installation/Removal Tool, mechanically locking the glass panel into the heavy aluminum base shoe. Minimum order is 10 Taper Sets. Important Notes: For Use with 9/16″ (13.52 mm) and 11/16″ (17.52 mm) Thick Laminated Glass

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