Blue 3/4" Windshield and Trim Securing Tape


Minimum Order

1 Roll

Width of Tape

3/4″ (19 mm)

Case Qty


Feet per Roll

180′ (55 m)





CRL 3M® Blue Windshield and Trim Securing Tape

Leaves No Adhesive Residue for Up to 14 Days

CRL 3M® Blue Windshield and Trim Securing Tape

is most commonly used for holding the trim around newly installed windshields while the urethane sets. It has UV stability and resists adhesive transfer for up to seven days after application. It can also be used in frameless shower door installations as a mask for tooled silicone joints and for any exterior sealing application like storefronts where the metal needs to be protected. Important Notes: Do not use with or on lacquers, wallpapers, unpainted wallboard, or poorly bonded finishes. Purchaser shall be solely responsible for determining the adequacy of these products for any and all uses to which the purchaser shall apply these products, and the application of these products by the purchaser shall not be subject to any implied warranty of fitness for that purpose. Statements or descriptions of these products are for information only, and not made or given as a warranty of these products in any way.

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