Brite Anodized Header Snap-In Filler - 120" Length


Minimum Order

1 Stock Length

Packing Charge

$ 7.00 for orders of fewer than 5 stock length of snap-in fillers Finishes and/or shapes may be combined to meet minimum quantity.


1-3/16 in. (30.1 mm)


120″ (3.05 m)


Brite Anodized


For 1/2″ Wide U-Channel

Use Monolithic Tempered Glass

Available in 120″ (3.05 m) Stock Lengths

Easily Snaps Into Glazing Pocket

For NH2 3/8″ or 1/2″ (10 or 12 mm) Wide U-Channels

Ready-to-Ship From CRL Inventory


CRL Snap-In Filler Strips

are 120″ (3.05 m) long, and are available in six architectural finishes to match our NH2 and NH3 Wide U-Channels. They are ideal for use as fillers where glass is not installed in the glazing pocket. Important Notes: This product cannot be cut for UPS, this must ship Common Carrier.

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