Bronze Left Hand Dyad Casement Window Operator with 4-1/2" Link Arm


Minimum Order

1 Package

Shipping Weight

1.2 lb (544g)


Left Hand



From Truth® Hardware

Two-Linked Design

Contemporary style

CRL Truth® Dyad Face Mount Casement Operator

will work on windows that are designed to open up to 90 degrees. Both gear arm and link arm are flat with no offsets, and the attachment clip is located on the underside of the link arm. Link arm length is measured from center of rivet to center of attachment hole. This Operator face mounts from the outside with two screws, 5″ (127 mm) apart. Operators having a third, center mounting tab (underneath the housing) can be special ordered. The crank handle and most commonly used stud bracket have been included.


Handing of casement window operators is determined by the hinged side of the window when looking from the inside out.

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