Brushed Stainless 48" Universal Wall Mounted Glass Awning Bracket



Universal Wall Mounted Glass Awning Bracket


48″ (1.22 m)


Brushed Stainless

Use Monolithic Tempered Glass

Available in Brushed or Polished Finishes

Custom Angles or 45 Degrees Corner Brackets are Available on Special Order

Fabricated From 304 Alloy Stainless Steel

Requires 9/16″ (14 mm) Thick Laminated Glass

Used on Flat or Curved Top Segmented Glass Awnings


CRL Universal Wall Mount Glass Awning Brackets

have really become popular, not just for their looks, but also their versatility. Each Bracket has four glass attachments that require one 3/4″ (19 mm) hole in the glass per attachment. They are designed to be used with 9/16″ (14 mm) thick tempered, laminated glass. The swiveling glass attachments adjust 16 degrees (8 degrees in any direction) to accommodate for segmented, bent or warped glass.

For special sizes or configurations contact CRL Architectural and Ornamental Metals Technical Sales Department.

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