Brushed Stainless End Cap for 1/2" U-Channel Cap Railing


Minimum Order

1 Each

Shipping Weight

4 oz (113g)

Use With

GRUC5BS10 U-Channel Cap




End Cap for 1/2″ U-Channel Cap Railing


Brushed Stainless

Grade 316 Stainless Alloy

Available in Two Architectural Finishes

Finishes Off Exposed Ends

Formed and Shaped to Fit our 18 Gauge U-Channel Cap


CRL Square End Caps

easily slip into the Square Cap Railing. Use of Cat. No. 32629 Metal Contact Cement is required to achieve a secure and permanent bond. Standard stainless alloy is 304. Stainless alloy 316 is available on special order.


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