Brushed Stainless Laguna Series Right Hand Door Stop


Minimum Order

1 Each


Right Hand Door Stop


Brushed Stainless

Prevent ‘Over Travel’ of Door Panel

Protects Finished Opening



Door Stops

prevent ‘over travel’ of the door panels used in Laguna Series Assemblies, which helps protect the finished opening and the glass. Door Stops are installed by simply sliding them over the end of the Cat. No. LS104BS Top Sliding Tube and then tightening them in place.


Left or right handing is determined as viewed from the hardware side of the opening.


The following are recommended limitations for this system:

Minimum Panel Width: 37-13/16″ (960 mm)

Maximum Panel Width: 53-9/16″ (1.36 m)

Maximum Panel Weight: 220 Lbs. (100 kg)

The panel height should never exceed 2.5 times the width of the panel. Maximum available length of the top track is 104″ (2.64 m).

Please contact our Technical Sales Department if any of these limitations cannot be met. Important Notes:


– All customers who in any way utilize this product are solely responsible to consult a structural engineer to determine the suitability of the product for the intended use and site conditions. All installers must be qualified and have professional knowledge about compliance with local, state and federal regulations, safety factors, and the appropriate choice of fixing material and procedures.


These fittings are not for use with laminated glass.

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