C260 Alloy Polished Brass 2-1/2" Premium Cap Rail for 3/4" Glass - 168"


Minimum Order

1 Each




1 in (25.4 mm)


.0625″ (1.59 mm)

Packing Charge

$ 7.00 for orders of fewer than 4 each of cap rails


7/8 in (22.2 mm)

“W” Width

1″ (25 mm)

“D” Depth*

7/8″ (22 mm)


Polished Brass

Bumped-Formed and Welded 120″ (3.05 m) and 168″ (4.27 m) Stock Lengths are Available in Three Diameters and Four Architectural Finishes

Connect to Fabricated Corners and End Caps

Use Sleeve No. GR25CSB


CRL Premium Cap Railings

are formed using precision tooling to maintain uniform diameters, allowing for smooth hairline transitions at splices, corners, and end caps. The internal channel is welded in place to increase strength and stability for fabrication. Use our Cat. No. 32629 Metal Contact Cement to achieve a secure and permanent bond at all connections.

Use Connector Sleeves to connect Cap Rails. Stainless alloy 304 is standard; Stainless alloy 316 is available on special order. For Brass, alloy 260 is standard. Please contact CRL Railing Technical Sales for more information or for a quote.


When using GR207, GR257, and GR307 Series Cap Rails, Cat. No. GR7PV Cap Rail Vinyl and 95CBL Silicone should be used to secure the glass.

*This dimension is used to calculate the glass size. Add the clearance you desire or allow an additional 1/8″ (3.2 mm) if using Cap Rail Vinyl.

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