CRL .250" Tremco VISIONstrip Glazing Seal - pack of 10


Face Clearance

.250″ (6.3 mm)

Length of Roll

30 ft (9.1 m)

Minimum Order

10 Roll

Roll Length

30′ (9.1 m)



Clean Gasket Appearance with Positive Wet-Seal

EPDM Rubber and 100% Cross-Linked Butyl

Black in Color

CRL Tremco® VISIONstrip® is a precision extruded glazing medium consisting of an EPDM rubber extrusion positioned at the sightline with a 100% solids, highly adhesive and elastic, cross-linked butyl preformed sealant bonded below. A single component profile achieving a positive wet-seal between the metal and glass surfaces while providing a clean gasket appearance at the sightline.

VISIONstrip® is used in compression glazing systems wherever the design calls for high performance glazing of curtain wall, unitized curtain walls, punched and ribbon window systems and sloped glazing applications. VISIONstrip® needs to be installed on a special metal nib, .050″ x .060″ (1.3 x 1.5 mm). NOTE: A mock-up is recommended by Tremco® to verify acceptable mating between both VISIONstrip® and metal nib. Important Notes: Not for use in joints subjected to continuous water immersion or temperatures exceeding 200°F (93°C).

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