CRS Cap Rail Vinyl for 3/8" Glass Used On Top Rail Only


Minimum Order

1 Stock Length

For Use With

3/8″ (10 mm) Glass


120″ (3.05 m)

Packing Charge

$ 7.00 for orders of fewer than 5 stock length of glass protect vinyl Finishes and/or shapes may be combined to meet minimum quantity.


Cap Rail Vinyl


GR16, GR20, GR25, GR30, GR35, and GR40 Cap Rail

U.S. Patent 8,944,414 B2

Intended for Use in CRS Systems Only

Rigid Black Vinyl Provides Protective Barrier Between Metal Cap Rail and Glass

Sizes for 3/8″ (10 mm) and 1/2″ (12 mm) Tempered Glass

CRS Cap Rail Vinyl

provides a protective barrier between the metal Cap Rail and the glass. When used in the Bottom Rail, it also acts as the bottom setting block to ensure proper glass engagement into the Top and Bottom Cap Rails. Use Cat. No. 95CBL Silicone to secure the Vinyl inside the pocket of the Cap Rail and also to the glass.

*Stock lengths longer than 108″ (2.74 m) must ship common carrier, unless you specify we cut them for UPS. A Cutting Charge will apply.

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