Dark Bronze 2 Gallon 95C Silicone Building Sealant


Contents of Container

2 Gallon Pail (7.5 l)

Minimum Order

1 Each

Shelf Life

12 Months


Dark Bronze

Excellent Primerless Adhesion to Most Common Construction Substrates

±50% Joint Width Movement

Approved for the Florida Hurricane Impact Glazing Code*

20 Year Limited Warranty

LEED Certification

CRL 95C Silicone

is a one-part, medium modulus, neutral cure, 100% silicone formulation that cures to a durable and flexible silicone rubber building joint seal. It can accommodate ± 50% joint movement in properly designed joints.

Basic Uses

It is designed for sealing expansion and control joints in precast concrete panels and metal curtainwalls; non-structural glazing of glass, metal, and plastic, as well as waterproofing applications, including perimeter sealing of doors and windows. CRL 95C forms a durable, flexible watertight bond with most building materials in any combination of glass, ceramics, plastics, stone, masonry, wood, steel, anodized and mill-finished aluminum, and painted surfaces. In most cases no primer is required. CRL 95C is compatible with all laminated glass, insulating glass units, and acrylic or polycarbonate glazing sheets. CRL 95C can be used as a weather seal for insulating glass units produced with any type of sealant, including two-part silicones, polysulfides, polyurethanes, and butyls. CRL 95C can be applied at outdoor temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C), provided that surfaces are clean, dry and frost-free, or on surfaces as high as 130°F (54°C). Cured sealant will perform at cold temperatures down to -80°F (-62°C) or at high temperatures up to 350°F (177°C).

*Successfully tested by manufacturers with systems approved for the Florida Hurricane Impact Glazing Code and recommended as an installation sealant.


Each manufacturer must test for use in their systems and have the results independently verified.

Comparable Sealants

Dow Corning®

: 795, 791.


: SilPruf® 2000.


: Spectrem® 2, Spectrem® 3.


: 864, 895.


: OmniSeal.


: SikaSil®-WS95.


CRL 95C should not be used for structural glazing; sealing horizontal decks, patios, driveways or terrace joints where abrasion or physical abuse is encountered; sealing submerged joints; or for exterior or interior sealing below the waterline in marine applications. Do not use CRL 95C in totally confined or air-free spaces, or in designs that will be painted after application of the sealant. Paint film does not stretch with extension of the sealant, and adhesion of paint to the sealant is not adequate. The sealant should be applied after painting is completed. Neutral cure sealant curing by-products may cause stress cracking or surface crazing of polycarbonate sheet under certain conditions. Test application before use. Check cartridge label and Specification Data Sheet for additional limitations.

Technical Data

It meets or exceeds Federal Specifications: TT-S-001543A (COM-NBS) for silicone building sealants Class A; TT-S-00230C (COM-NBS) for one-component building sealants as Class A, Type II; ASTM C-920 Standard Specification for Elastomer Joint Sealants as Type S, Grade NS, Class 50, Use NT, G, A, M and O; CAN/CGSB 19.13-M87. 95CBL (black) meets all of AAMA 802.3-92 (Type I and II), 805.2-94 (Group C), and 808.3-92. Meets California Air Res…

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