Dark Bronze Delayed Action Adjustable Spring Power Size 1/2 to 4 Surface Mount Door Closer


Case Qty


Closer Body Length

11-23/32 in (298 mm)

Horizontal Mounting Holes

11-3/32 in (282 mm) Center to Center

Minimum Order

1 Each

Vertical Mounting Holes

3/4 in (19 mm) Center to Center

Closer Description

Delayed Action/Adjustable

Spring Size

1/2 – 4


Dark Bronze

Multi-Size Adjustable Spring Power Closers Ranging in Sizes BF 1/2 to 6

Barrier Free and Delayed Action Models to Meet A.D.A. Barrier-Free Requirements

Applicable for Doors Weighing 22 to 330 Lbs. (10 to 150 kg)

Aluminum and Dark Bronze Finishes

Brite Gold and Chrome Finishes for Restaurants and Upscale Retail Businesses

UL Listed


CRL PR70 Series of Multi-Size Adjustable Spring Power Surface Mounted Door Closers

are a range of Closers offering A.D.A. Barrier-Free (low opening resistance), Delayed Action models to allow adjustable delayed closing, and heavy-duty full range models for full control of heavier commercial doors. They are also available in Brite Gold and Polished Chrome finishes to complement most architectural finish requirements.

The Delayed Action feature adjusts the time a door will remain open to facilitate ease of progress through the opening. This feature is valuable in health care facilities and public buildings that require door closers to momentarily stay open. Closing and latching speed controls are independently adjustable, and an adjustable backcheck feature helps prevent damage to the closer, door, and adjacent structures should the door be violently swung open due to wind or heavy pedestrian traffic.

All PR70 Closers are UL Listed and warranted for ten years. Parallel Arm Brackets and mounting hardware are included with each closer permitting universal installation for regular, top jamb or parallel arm applications. Optional accessories, such as Drop Plates and Hold Open Arms, are available for special installations. Important Notes: Closers set to comply with A.D.A. specified opening forces might not provide adequate spring power to control and close the door due to varying site conditions and door size.

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