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Left Hand

Standard 2310ME series closer shipped with either 24V or 120V cylinder (please specify), two piece metal finish plate, standard arm, track, and wood and machine screw pack.

Sized cylinders for interior doors to 4’0”.

Functions as full rack and pinion door closer when hold-open is not engaged or current is interrupted.

Handed for right or left swinging door.

Built-in “On/Off” switch controls hold-open function.

Interfaces with fire alarm systems. Consult factory.

Standard or optional custom powder coated finish.

Optional plated finish on arm, fasteners and finish plate

Swing Free Arm, Left Hand, Aluminum

A concealed heavy duty, electrically controlled closer/holder designed to provide infinitely adjustable hold-open for fire and smoke barrier doors.

Door is held open until current interruption releases mechanism and the door closes. Single lever (track) arm closer is specifically designed for interior doors.

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