Electric Mastic Applicator


Shipping Weight

2 lb (907g)



Heat Speeds Setting Time of Mastic

Heated Scoop Deposits Mastic Easier and in Uniform Size Pats

Maximizes Yield Per Can

Use the

Palmer Mastic Applicator

to scoop out regular Mirro-Mastic® in uniform size pats. The heated bowl scoops mastic directly from the can to apply either to the substrate or mirror panel. Applicator operates on 110V AC power, and is the most convenient way to apply CRL Palmer Mirro-Mastic®. When using this tool there are approximately 130-135 pats of mastic per gallon. Preferred application for proper spread of mastic is to apply pats in rows, spacing pats about 8″ to 12″ (203 to 305 mm) apart and 6″ (152.4 mm) in from the edge of the mirror. Important Notes: Pre-heat applicator for approximately 15 minutes before using in mastic. When not in use


leave applicator in the mastic, but rest it in the cradle. If applicator is left in the mastic the heating element will overheat and burn out. The quality of the mastic will also be affected by the unnecessary heating.

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