Folger Adam 310-1 Electric Strike With 3/4" Keeper- 24VDC Fail Safe


Shipping Weight

8 oz (227g)


Fail Safe

24V DC Non-Fail Safe and Fail Safe Models Available

For Use with PA100 Series Panics and DBR100 Series Deadbolts

Used in Conjunction with ESK Series Stop/Strike


CRL Folger Adam® 310-1 Electric Strikes

are 24V DC. They are offered in a Non-Fail Safe Strike that unlocks only when energized, and a Fail Safe Strike that requires continuous power to stay locked. They are used in conjunction with an ESK Series Stop/Strike. These Strikes have a 3/4″ (19 mm) straight latch bolt keeper. Face plates are not supplied. For application details please contact DK Hardware Sales.

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