GForce Max Complete Glass Scratch Removal System, 240 Volt AC



18″ x 16″ x 8″ (457 x 406 x 203 mm)

Portable, Stand-Alone System Works on All Types of Glass

Distortion-Free Glass Scratch Removal

One Step Polishing Process Removes Scratches

Integrated Water Feed System


CRL ­GForce Max Glass Distortion-Free ­Scratch ­Removal ­System­

removes scratches ­from ­all­ types ­of ­glass­ including ­tempered, annealed, ­laminated, ­low-e,­ mirrors, ­and even­ curved glass. ­­You ­can ­use this ­portable­ system­ to­ remove scratches,­ water scale, ­acid ­etching,­ paint­ over-spray, and other imperfections­ quickly ­and­ effectively.


Can cause distortion and should not be used on windshields or the tinted side of glass.

This ­unique­ system­ combines ­thermal ­energy­ (heat), chemical­ reaction (polishing­ compound), and­ mechanical energy­ (force) ­to­ effectively­ eliminate scratches­ from glass without­ the­ use­ of­ fixed­ abrasives.

The ­CRL ­GForce Max Glass ­Scratch­ Removal ­System­ can­ be­ integrated­ into ­your everyday ­operations.­­ Whether­ you­ are ­a door­ and window­ manufacturer, ­a­ distributor,­ or­ an ­independent glass­ shop, ­the­ CRL ­GForce Max Glass ­Scratch­ Removal­ System­ can­ save you money,­ directly­ impacting­ your­ bottom ­line. These potential ­savings ­come­ from­ reduced ­down­ time ­for ­glass replacement ­thus keeping projects ­on ­schedule, ­and­ by reducing ­glass waste ­and ­scrap­ ratios.

Compare ­the­ CRL ­GForce Max Glass ­Scratch ­Removal­ System ­to some ­of­ the­ other­ scratch­ removal­ systems­ you­ may­ have­ seen­ or tried­ in ­the ­past.­­ This­ system­ is­ lightweight ­and­ compact: No­ buckets ­of coolant­ and­ compound­ to ­lug­ around. ­­This system employs­ a­ one­ step ­process: Multiple ­abrasive and polishing­ pad ­changes­ are ­no ­longer­ required.­ ­This ­system delivers ­what ­others ­only promise: Distortion-free­ surface restoration.

The­ CRL ­GForce Max Glass ­Scratch ­Removal ­System ­features ­a unique pressurized ­water ­feed ­attachment­ with ­a push ­button activated ­nozzle ­mounted ­directly­ onto ­the ­polisher.

The ­2″ (51 mm) ­Polishing Pads attach ­to ­the appropriate ­Backer Pads ­using­ an­ aggressive hook-and-loop ­fastener ­system.


240V Polisher With GFCI

Water Feed Bottle and Pump

Metal Bottle Holder

Nylon Bottle Holder

Coiled Hose

Quick Start Guide

Complete USB Training

Polishing Compound

2″ (51 mm) Backer Pad

2″ (51 mm) Polishing Discs (3 pack)

Splash Guard

IR Thermometer

Polishing Machine Wrench

Wire Roughing Brush

mixing Tool

Ear Plugs (1 pair)

Dust Mask

Safety Glasses (1 pair)

Medium Ballistic Carrying Case

Important Notes: New Abrading Discs can be used for Deep Scratch Removal, but CAUTION, as they can cause distortion and should not be used on windshields or the tinted side of glass. Kit also includes respirator masks and safety glasses. There is always the possibility of glass breakage, or polishing compound dust being generated. Proper safety precautions should always be employed.

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