International #883 Size 3 Surface Mount Door Closer With Back-Check Storefront Bronze


C/L-H for 1-1/2 in (38.1 mm)

1- Closer Assembly; Mounting Hardware


Regular Arm




Storefront Bronze

Adjustable Back-Check function controlled by a separate regulating valve, adjustable after installation.

Hold Open arms are adjustable for holding from 90° to 180°.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listed.

Two Adjustment Valves: Closing and Latching speeds controlled by separate regulating valves, adjustable after installation.

Rack and pinion mechanism contained in a high tensile precision cast aluminum housing assures the highest quality.

Stable hydraulic door check fluid for any climatic operation and constant lubrication

Universal application, Non-handed for standard, top jamb or parallel arm installation.

Regular arms are equipped with a 15% (+- 7.5%) power adjustment bracket.

Narrow design permits installation on most modern glass and aluminum doors without adaptors.

Optional dress covers, extended mounting plates, fusible arms and replacement parts

International Door closers #883 Aluminum Body Surface Mount Door Closer With Back Check Feature. Two adjustment valves control closing and latching speeds. UL Listed. Non-handed for standard door or top jamb installation. Size 3 spring surface mount door closer designed for most commercial or residential applications. Suitable for interior doors up to 42″ and exterior doors up to 36″ wide (see closer sizing chart). Available in storefront bronze or aluminum finish.

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