LED UV Curing Lamp Kit


Provides up to 18,000 Micro Watts/Cm²

30,000 Hour LED Bulb Life

Cures All CRL UV Bonding Adhesives

Perfect for Affixing UV Bonding Hardware

Small in Size, Big in Energy Savings

CRL’s LED UV Curing Lamp

provides up to 18,000 watts/cm² of true UV-A, 365 nm radiation to cure UV adhesives incredibly fast. Push the ‘on’ button and the lamp immediately reaches full power and is ready for use, eliminating the down time waiting for bulbs to warm up. Cordless operation lets you move around your work unencumbered, and the powerful NiMH battery will operate the lamp continuously for 90 minutes before are charge is needed.

The 2″ (51 mm) lamp diameter and 8″ (203 mm) length of the lamp’s body is encased in durable anodized aluminum. The LED bulb is made with an electronic intensity stabilizer to ensure consistent performance, which also means that the beam strength will not fade while operating between charges. Kit comes complete with smart AC and DC Chargers, UV Absorbing Spectacles, Belt Holster, and padded Carrying Case. Optional 240V AC Chargers are available and sold separately.

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