Low Voltage 2 Amp Regulated Power Supply


Enclosure Height

11-1/4 in. (286 mm)

Enclosure Length

11-1/4 in. (286 mm)

Enclosure Depth

3-1/2 in. (89 mm)

Enclosure Size

11-1/4″ x 11-1/4″ x 3-1/2″ (286 x 286 x 89 mm)



Output Current

2 Amp

Regulated and Filtered

Emergency Interface Relay (EIR) with Fire or Other Emergency Systems

Output Voltage at 12V or 24V DC is Field Selectable

Locked Hinged

Built-In Battery Charging System for Optional Standby Battery Backups


CRL SDC® Power Supplies

are designed to make it easy and cost effective to power electrical locking systems. They provide regulated, filtered, low voltage DC power to interface with locking devices, station controls, and consoles. Emergency Interface Relay (EIR) Modules provide interface with approved fire or other emergency systems. Output voltage at 12 or 24 Volts DC is field selectable. Built-in battery charging systems allow a constant charge of optional standby battery backups. Tan baked enamel, NEMA Grade 1 approved enclosures all have conduit knockouts and key lock hinged covers.


Input Voltage: 120V AC 60hz

Output Voltage: 2V DC or 24V DC

Output Current: 1 Amp Max

Battery Charger Output: 500mA @ 13.5 or 27VDC

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