Mill 3" Diameter 135 Degree Horizontal Corner for 3/4" Glass Cap Railing


Minimum Order

1 Each

Dimension “C”

4-3/8″ (111 mm)

Dimension “L”

5″ (127 mm)



Glass Cup Size


Available in Several Architectural Finishes


Requires Two Connector Sleeves (Not Included)

Welded and Finished


CRL Interior Slip-Fit Horizontal Corner

for 3/4″ (19 mm) thick glass allows for hairline joint assemblies with straight lengths of cap rail. Use of our 32629 Metal Contact Cement is required to achieve a secure and permanent bond. Two connector sleeves are required for use with each corner.

Each Horizontal Corner is fabricated, finished, and individually packed. Standard stainless alloy is 304. Stainless alloy 316 is available on special order. Please contact our Technical Sales for more information or a quote. Important Notes: 95CBL Silicone and shims should be used to secure the glass.

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