Mill Stainless Flat Post Adaptor


Minimum Order

1 Each


Stainless Steel

For Use On

Flat-Sided Posts

Designed for Flat Mounting Surfaces or Posts

1/2″mm) Diameter, Drilled and Tapped Hole to Provide for Proper Attachment Requirements for Spider Fitting to Post

Works With Stud Set Cat. No. M14SET

Coped Post Adapter Can be Welded or Surface Applied

1-3/8″ (34.9 mm) Square Profile

Use Monolithic Tempered Glass


CRL Adapters

are designed to be welded to posts or surface applied to act as a coped adapter. They offer a drilled and tapped 3/8″ deep clearance hole for mounting to a flat surface or post. Just drill and tap your post to accept mounting hardware supplied with Spider Fittings.

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