Mirro-Mastic - 5 Gallon Can


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5 gl (19 l)

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5 Gallons (18.927 l)



The Industry Standard for High Quality Mastic

Cures to a Strong, Permanent Bond

Does Not Become Hard or Brittle with Age

Palmer Mirro-Mastic®

is an adhesive mastic formulated for adhering plate glass mirror and acrylic mirror to various substrates, such as drywall, wood, glass, metal, or tile. Mirro-Mastic® is ideal for large mirrored walls, columns and vanities. Mirro-Mastic® does not become hard or brittle with age. Unopened cans have a two-year shelf life. Mirro-Mastic® may be used with CRL Category Two Safety Tape Film that has been washed with a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol (IPA). All applications must have permanent bottom support and mechanical fasteners. Palmer Mirro-Mastic® also qualifies for LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System® credit.


Use Mirro-Mastic® Bond to seal porous substrates.


With minimum coverage, one gallon will install approximately 130 square feet (12 square meters) of mirror. 130 to 135 golf ball size pats per gallon. Important Notes: Test before using any mastic! Always follow manufacturer’s directions on the can. Do not apply Mirro-Mastic to a painted surface, wall covering or treated wood. Palmer Mirro-Mastic® Bond must be used to seal porous substrates. Support mirror at the bottom. Mechanical fasteners must be used for all mirror applications, such as

CRL Mirror Clips

or with

CRL Mirror Mounting Tape

. Apply both double-sided mirror mounting tape and mastic at room temperature following directions on each package. If the directions do not cover conditions at hand, consult

DK Hardware Sales

. It is the users responsibility to determine the mastic’s suitability to a particular application. CRL cannot guarantee materials against mirror spoilage. If you have questions concerning the use of mastics, call DK Hardware Sales for more information. CEILING APPLICATION (Maximum mirror size – 16 sq. ft.) Ceiling mirrors


be applied with four applicator scoops of mastic to the square foot in conjunction with permanently installed mechanical fasteners and applied to moisture resistant drywall. Wood products should not be used. To get the proper application the Palmer Electric Applicator


be used. Be sure ceiling is not under bathrooms or kitchens where bowl, sink, or tub water could run over and damage ceiling.


consult Palmer Products prior to any ceiling application.

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