Polished Brass 4" x 120" Length Square Sidelite Rails for 3/4" Glass


Length of Rail

120 in (3.05 m)

Minimum Order

1 Stock Length


120″ (3.05 m)


Polished Brass

Glass Size



For 3/4″” Glass

Reversible Extruded Saddle to Match 1/4″ or 3/4″ (6 or 19 mm) Door Clearances

Provides Even Sightline With Our Door Rails

Vinyl Provided to Use with 1/2″ (12 mm) Glass; Vinyl for 3/8″ (10 mm) Glass Ordered Separately

Ready-to-Ship Models From CRL Inventory

Use Monolithic Tempered Glass

Matching Door Rails Available for an Even Sightline

The CRL 4″ (102 mm) Square Sidelite Rail is commonly used in office and storefront applications to secure fixed glass panels. Since the profile matches our Door Rails, these Sidelite Rails can be used top and bottom for a matching look, or with a variety of smaller configuration U-Channels. Glass is installed easily with the ‘lift and drop’ method using our 4″ (102 mm) Aluminum and Neoprene Setting Blocks. Glass is secured with a Top Load EPDM Roll-in Glazing Gasket that eliminates the messy application of silicone sealant. Also available in this size are our 4″ (102 mm) Tapered Sidelite Rails to match our Tapered Door Rails.

Available in several finishes in 120″ (3.05 mm) lengths and two finishes in extra long 240″ (6.10 mm) lengths, they match heights to both floor mounted and 1/2″ (12 mm) threshold doors using our Reversible Saddle. Use the Sidelite Rails alone for your upper rails, and with our

Aluminum Neoprene Setting Blocks

, lifting the glass into the upper rail and lowering into the bottom rail. This will give you a 9/16″ (14.3 mm) glass retention in both the top and bottom channels. Complete the job by installing the

Roll-In EPDM Gaskets

and matching finish

End Caps



• Sidelite Rails on this page come with vinyl to glaze 3/4″ (19 mm) glass. If using 5/8″ (16 mm) glass, GG38 Series Vinyl must be ordered separately.

• All models are available in 120″ (3.05 m) lengths. Selected finishes are also offered in 240″ (6.10 m) lengths.

• Custom lengths and finishes are available.

• SREC4S Series End Caps (for 3/4″ Glass) and Cat. No. UCSB4 Setting Blocks must be ordered separately. Important Notes: Shown with End Caps which must be ordered separately. Stainless Steel Cladded Aluminum and cannot be cut with a standard chop saw or abrasive blade. These will cause the Cladding to heat up and burn the finish. This material must be cut with a cold saw to prevent damage to the finish. For further information please contact

Technical Sales


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