Polished Stainless 2" Square Post P-Series Swivel Standoff Saddle


Minimum Order

1 Each



Fits P-Series Posts


Square Post

2″ (51 mm)


Polished Stainless

Designed to be Welded to Post Tops

Supports 1-1/2″ to 2″ (38 to 51 mm) Diameter Hand Rail Tubing

Swivel Standoff Saddle

Two Stainless Finishes


CRL P-Series Swivel Standoff Saddles

are designed to be welded to post tops. They are available for both 2″ (51 mm) Square Posts and 1.9″ (48.3 mm) Round Posts. Their “swivel” feature makes them ideal for stair or ramp locations.

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