Power Scraper Hackout Gun


Minimum Order

1 Each

Shipping Weight

8 lb (3.63kg)



Complete with Three Chisel Tips

Excellent for Hackouts of Hardened Putty and Sealants

Powerful Variable Speed 5 AMP Motor Produces 0 to 3,200 Air-Cushioned Blows Per Minute


Makita® Power Scraper Hackout Gun

has a powerful 5 AMP motor that will tackle even the toughest putty or sealant removal job. Also ideal for cleaning out old mortar, removing tile, concrete scale, and weld splatter. Double insulated motor delivers from 0 to 3,200 blows per minute for light scraping, chiseling, and chipping. Excellent for hackouts of hardened putty and sealants. Important Notes: Use caution when operating any power tool.

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