Power Supply - 3/1.5A, 12/24 VDC, 8 Fused Outputs, FT


UL Listing Type

603, 294. ULC S318

Package Volume




Product Width


Burglar Rated


Fire Rated




Output Volts

12/24 VDC

Product Height


Package Qty


ANSI Number

603, 294

Color Code




Output Amps

3/1.5 AMPS

BAA Qualified


Product Length


Rated Up to 2.8 Amp / 1.4 Amp Continuous Output

Dual Voltage 12 / 24 Volt DC Field Selectable

Internal Transformer

Tolerates Brownout or Overvoltage Input from 90-240VAC

MagnaCare, The Best Warranty in the Industry, Lifetime Replacement, No Fault, No Questions Asked

Power Supply, 12/24VDC 3/1.5A, 8 Output, Fuse, Fire Relay

The Securitron AccuPower AQD3 Series of switching power supplies are dual voltage, supervised units with a battery charger. These field selectable units have a fast battery charge reserve. They provide a maximum 3As at 12 VDC or 1.5As at 24 VDC, with up to eight (8) independently controlled, power limited outputs. Rated up to 2.8A/1.4A continuous output. Dual-voltage 12/24 VDC field selectable. Tolerates brownout or overvoltage input from 90-240 VAC. Thermal shutdown protection comes with auto restart. Circuit breaker protects against Overcurrent and reverse battery faults. Includes battery charger and power supervision. Low battery disconnect prevents deep discharge. Dedicated voltage enables faster battery charging even under full load. MagnaCare lifetime replacement,no fault warranty. Power supply outputs are Class 2 power limited. Expandable up to eight (8) independently controlled power limited outputs. Available with configurable access control input/outputs with fire trigger in either PTC or with fuse/ dry contact option, fire relay only, or configurable outputs with fire relay input. LED indicators and form “C” contacts provide supervision. Universal input 90-240 VAC. Supports up to two (2) sealed gel, AGM or wet lead acid batteries. Includes 14″ x 9″ x 3.5″ cabinet. Operating temperature is between -4 to +104F (-20 to +40C).

Power supplies are necessary for electromechanical access control.

Securitron also offers energy efficient power supplies.

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