Satin Aluminum Model 2095 Electric Latch Retraction Rim Latch Panic Exit Device Grade 1 with 'C' Strike




Minimum Order

1 Each




Non Handed

Shelf Life


Satin Aluminum

UL Listed – 156.3 Grade 1 Device

Motorized* Latch Retraction

Solenoid Operated Latch Retraction

Remote Access Control Via Card Reader, Key Pad, Etc.

Electronic Dogging

Use with Narrow, Medium, and Wide Stile Aluminum Doors, as Well as Wood and Hollow Metal Doors

UL Listed – Certified ANSI 156.3 Grade 1 Device

CRL Jackson® Model 2095E Electric Rim Latch Retraction Panic Devices

are UL Listed Certified, and manufactured in the Jackson® tradition of high quality and durability. Suitable for use with narrow, medium, and wide stile aluminum doors, as well as wood and hollow metal doors, these devices are non- handed, and feature a 3/4″ (19 mm) throw deadlocking latch bolt, “Soft Touch” smooth quiet action push pad, quick and easy installation, and electronic motorized* latch retraction and dogging (no manual dogging unless ordered with Optional Cylinder Dogging, which uses a 1-1/8″ Mortise Cylinder such as DC7185SCKASC – sold separately). Available in Dark Bronze and Satin Aluminum anodized finish, this device comes standard with Cat. No. 302436628 Type ‘C’ Strike, and may be ordered with optional Cat. No. 302501628 Type ‘S’ Strike. Keyed entry may be provided by ordering and installing a standard Rim Cylinder such as Cat. No. DL911SCKDA, or a Jackson® Outside Lever Trim Model 9500LV using a 1″ Mortise Cylinder (sold separately). For wood door application order optional Cat. No. 302521 Wood Door Mounting Kit. For double doors, use with Jackson® Mullion such as Cat. No. 3089620958628.


Ships Standard for 48″ (1.22 m) Wide Door – Field Sizeable

For Use Down to 36″ (914 mm) Wide Doors

Wear Points Insulated by Nylon Sleeves and Rollers

Adjusts for Brief or Extended Unlock Mode

24V DC Input

Solenoid Operated: Requires 10 Amp Inrush Power Supply; Jackson® Cat. No. 302616 Power Supply Recommended

Motorized: Requires 24VDC Filtered and Regulated Power Supply; Jackson® Cat. No. 301420 Power Supply Recommended

Requires Rim Cylinder for Keyed Entry

Cylinder Mounting Pad Not Required

3/4″ (19 mm) Throw Deadlocking Latch

Body and Push Pad: Extruded Aluminum

Mechanical Components: Stainless and Hardened Plated Steel

Latch and Strikes: Sintered Steel

Important Notes: Panics produced after 08/15/2016 feature motorized latch retraction and Cat. No. 301420 Power Supply is recommended.

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