Satin Anodized 10' Mechanical Glazing Channel for 3/8"


Glass Thickness

3/8″ (10 mm)


10′ (3.05 m)


Satin Anodized

Available for 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ (10, 12, and 19 mm) Glass

Available in Satin Anodized and Brushed Brite Anodized Finishes

Standard 10′ (3.05 m) Lengths

Standard Channel Requires No Holes in the Glass

Use Monolithic Tempered Glass

CRL Mechanical Glazing Channel is a dry glazed system that requires no wet silicone glazing. This two-piece front load clamp-on channel provides easier installation and is used where lift and drop applications are not possible. Pre-drilled and tapped holes for Channel Clamps are provided every 11-13/16″ (300 mm) on center. Channel End Caps finish off the ends.


No holes are required in the glass. Kits include: one Base Channel, ten Channel Clamps with Screws, and two Decorative Snap-On Covers. End Caps are sold separately. Important Notes:


– All customers who in any way utilize this product are solely responsible to consult a structural engineer to determine the suitability of the product for the intended use and site conditions. All installers must be qualified and have professional knowledge about compliance with local, state and federal regulations, safety factors, and the appropriate choice of fixing material and procedures.

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