Satin Anodized Pile Weatherstrip for Door Rails - Stock Length



5/8″ (16 mm)

Minimum Order

1 Stock Length


144″ (3.66 m)

Packing Charge

$ 7.00 for orders of fewer than 5 stock length of door closer headers Finishes and/or shapes may be combined to meet minimum quantity.


Satin Anodized

Specially Designed to Help Reduce Air and Water Infiltration

Fits All CRL Door Rails

Available in Two Finishes

To help reduce the infiltration of air and water we offer

CRL Pile Weatherstrips

for Door Rails. Pile Weatherstrips attach without modifications to the specially designed recess on the inside of the Door Rail using the Very Hi-Bond Tape that is already attached to each piece.

Our Door Rails are designed specifically to receive the Pile Weatherstrips in a way that will not obstruct the standard hardware used in the Door Rails. You can order them to fit stock Door Rails, or in 144″ (3.66 m) stock lengths that can be cut to fit custom door rails.

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