Spot Bulb for Z7596 UV Curing Lamp - New Style


Shipping Weight

8 oz (227g)




Silver Metallic


New Style

Fits Lamps With Serial Numbers of 1567104 and Higher

Rated Life of 5,000 Hours

Replacement Bulb for Lamps with Serial Numbers 1567104 and Higher


CRL Spot Bulb for Z7596 UV Curing Lamp

provides a concentrated beam with a steady-state 365nm intensity of 4,800 µW/cm² at 15″ (381 mm). Important Notes: This bulb only fits Lamps with serial number 1567104 and higher. The size of the socket has changed over the years. For lamps with lower serial #’s order Cat. No. Z100S Bulb. Always wear the appropriate protective safety UV-absorbing glasses when curing UV adhesives with ultraviolet curing lamps.

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