Standard Cartridge Gun, 18V Battery and One Hour Charger


Shipping Weight

8 lb (3.63kg)



Easily Dispenses High Viscosity Auto Urethanes

Includes 18 Volt Compact Battery and One Hour Charger

Interchangeable Front Ends Work With Standard Cartridges, 29 Fl. Oz. Quart Cartridges, and 20.3 Fl. Oz. Sausage Packs

This heavy-duty

18 Volt DC Cordless Caulking Gun

makes manual caulking obsolete. A powerful pushing force of 950 lbs. (431 kg) easily dispenses high viscosity materials such as automotive urethanes. Gun features include: Variable Speed Trigger and Remote Speed Dial Control for optimized bead and steady flow rates; Auto Clutch Release for rapid loading of material; Anti-Drip Auto Clutch (stops sealant flow when trigger is released); Auto Shut Off at the end of plunger rod travel; 360º Carriage Rotation for easy work around corners and hard to reach areas.

Guns are ordered pre-configured for the type of packaging to be used: standard 10 fl. oz. (300 ml) cartridges, 29 fl. oz. (850 ml) quart cartridges, 20 fl. oz. (600 ml) sausage packs. Additional front ends and plunger rods can be special ordered to convert the Gun to any configuration.

All Gun Kits come standard with a 18V M18® Lithium-ion Battery Pack and One Hour Charger. Charge the Battery with the One Hour Charger or One Hour DC Vehicle Charger. European and Australian plug adapters are included in all 240V Kits.

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