Standard Size Self-Closing Deluxe Service Window Unglazed with Half-Track



Duranodic Bronze

Case Qty


Frame Height


Frame Width


Frame Depth




Ships Assembled and Unglazed, Vinyl for 1/4″ or 1/2″ Glass

XO Clerkside (X=sliding panel)

Sturdy Thumb Turn with Hook Bolt, and Self-Latching Handle

Popular 47-1/2″ W x 35-3/4″ H Frame Size fits 48″ x 36″ Opening

No Track Under Sliding Panel, Manual Open/Self-Closing

CRL Standard Size Self-Closing Service Windows ship fully assembled, ready to glaze or factory glazed and ready to install. They are designed for heavy-duty commercial use such as drive-thru or walk-up service and are also ideal for interior applications needing enhanced security and performance. The Self-closing function is powered by a hydraulic mechanism concealed in the header. Standard size models are available in Satin Anodized or Duranodic Bronze finish. Different models are available with two types of bottom condition: half-track (no track under sliding panel for clear passage across counter by others) or stainless steel step-sill, with water-dam for exterior applications. CRL also quotes custom versions of these high-quality, popular windows.

CRL standard size self-closing models that ship unglazed come with two sets of glazing vinyl: one for ¼” glass, and one for ½” glass (the larger vinyl will also accept 9/16” glazing).

For 5/8” glazing vinyl (5/8” is maximum glass thickness for glazing a DW window with vinyl), CRL product # WV3865 can be ordered separately. It is sold by the foot, minimum order 100 feet.

For 3/8” glass, the provided ½” vinyl can be used if the edges of the glass are wrapped with CRL product # 982116X34GRY double-sided adhesive foam tape, with the backing left on the outer edge that enters the glazing vinyl channel. It is sold separately in 200-foot rolls.

Glass sizes for CRL standard size self-closing models with 47-1/2” W x 35-3/4” H frame size and an aluminum half-track, are 20-1/4” W x 31-15/16” H (two pieces same size). Important Notes: Unglazed self-closing models may require adjustment of closing speed after glazing.

Heavy Duty Service Windows; not designed to be primary building seal for severe weather conditions.

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