SuperCut Sealant Cutter Knife Kit


Shipping Weight

8 lb (3.63kg)



Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver

Powerful 120V AC 3.3 AMP Motor

Removes Old, Hardened Putty Quickly and Easily

Variable Speed Blade Oscillates 11,000 to 18,500 Times Per Minute


CRL FEIN® Cutter

uses its oscillating blade to cut cured sealant and caulking quickly with a minimum of effort. This reliable electric tool is double-insulated for operator safety. The oscillation on this tool is simply a short back and forth stroke of the cutting blade, one degree to each side, at a frequency of up to 18,500 times per minute. Another important advantage is that the optional diamond-tipped blades can be used to cut through marble and mortar joints, while keeping dust formation to a minimum. The CRL FEIN® Sealant Cutter features an electronic speed control to keep cutting speed constant, even under load, so you can select the best cutting speed for every application. The gears are designed for continuous operation, and run in an oil bath. Thanks to a twelve-sided mount, cutting blades can be adjusted to any position. This kit includes a CRL FEIN® Cutter Tool, a set of blades for removing flexible sealants: Five Cat. No. FKB17015 and one Cat. No. FKB16011, and a Blade Removal Tool, all packed in a metal Carrying Case. Important Notes: Always wear the proper safety gear; Cat. No. ES15030 and Cat. No. ES285X.

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