TAPER-LOC "Drop-Side" Safety Seal for Monolithic Glass 100'



100′ (30.5 m)

For 1/2″ to 3/4″ (12 to 19 mm) Monolithic Tempered Glass

Helps Prevent Unsafe Leaning Over Railing During Installs

“Drop-Side” Seal Installs in Base Shoe Prior to Glass

Patent Pending

CRL’s NEW Safety Seal gets put in place into the Base Shoe prior to installing the glass, preventing unsafe leaning over the railing to install the “drop-side” seal. Setting blocks are now universal for use with the Safety Seal, with the new backside surface tape for installation into the Base Shoe (required for the Safety Seal System). Optionally, the traditional installation method with push-in seals can be used at both sides.

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