Trizact Professional Scratch Removal System for Flat Glass



1,000 – 2,800 rpm

Power Output

1,000 Watts

Power Consumption

1,500 Watts




Silver Metallic

Developed for Professionals

Powerful Center Water Feed Polisher

Works on Light to Heavy Scratches


CRL 3M® Trizact® Professional Scratch Removal System

is a breakthrough in scratch removal and glass or polycarbonate polishing. Now this once complicated and messy process is simple and clean without any slurries or compounds to mix. Our more powerful polisher has more power and torque than ever! With it’s on-demand water delivery system, constant water flow adjustments are a thing of the past. This system uses plain water, which is delivered through the center of the pad so very little is required.

The natural abrasives used in these discs are formed in the shape of small pyramids. The pyramids are then layered so as the disc wears, a new abrasive surface is exposed. Four grades of abrasive discs are included to remove the deepest of scratches. A cerium oxide pad is used to polish the glass during the final step. The results this system offers are nothing short of amazing. It could pay for itself in it’s first use.


Scratch polishing is an abrasive process which when certain factors are present, can affect your final polished product, such as one or more of the following examples:

Scratch Depth

– the deeper the scratch, the more difficult it will be to produce a clean and distortion-free surface;

Glass Temperature, Technique

– following instructions and keeping work surface clean between steps is crucial; Glass Type – float, tempered, textured, coated reflective, mirrored or tinted.

Trizact® Professional Kit Includes:

10 Each of the five different grades of 5″ (127 mm) 3M® Trizact® Abrasive Discs

Five Each 5″ (127 mm) 3M® Soft Medium Disc Pads Cat. No. 02599

115V AC Center Water Feed Polisher with Built-In GFI

Pressurized Water Delivery System

1 lb. (454 g) of Cerium Oxide

Full Instructions and 3M® Application Guide

Important Notes: Always wear eye protection when using this tool. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (G.F.C.I.) such as Catalog Number GF1 should be used when working with any type of power tool that is used in a wet working environment. Failure to follow such guidelines can lead to operator injury.

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